Lost in the Traffic

so many so sad
faces in a was of movement
a jaw stretching a large, pink gob of gum,
annoyed, sad, hands white on the wheel,
eyes out the window,

a neck sagging under the weight of time
and children’s sticky fingers stretching skin down
GRavity, missed opportunities, regrets;

and focus, so much focusing, re-focusing, looping back around;
to start, to bEgin, to Ease through the white flash,
into New, first blink,

hands white on the wheel,

back in pain, muscle sore, tired,
quiet, somehow quiet and Loud all at once,
an uncertainty in Impatience, a reminder to be patient,
then breathinG again,

everyone else flows around: so many so sad
lost in the quiet, disquiet uncertainty of new futures,
of Highway roads lost to dust and time.

so many so sad
coked out old cowboys remembering in slurred words
how quickly they could sling lead,
lost in spittoons and splatters of blood
from anonymous brave fools.

so many so sad
so many ready to pick up the thing closest to Them
and use it to light the world on fire.


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