Time for…

Time to clear your mind; time to become a part of the moments that string together your supposed life. Time to listen; time to hear the sequence of sounds surrounding you, made slave to entropy. Time to turn the ground to ice; freeze the snakes, Walden ponds, sky scrapers and keep them for observation. Time … Continue reading Time for…


The sparkling, dangerous, never-ending pull, the definition of down being so dependent, every molecule effected, changed, changing, [will change?] Science never was 100% at predicting outcomes. The molecules of my mind, this ink, the paper, your eyes, all pulled by this ballpeen hammer on a shoestring flung over the edge of a bridge. And What's … Continue reading Gravity

Lost in the Traffic

so many so sad faces in a was of movement a jaw stretching a large, pink gob of gum, annoyed, sad, hands white on the wheel, eyes out the window, a neck sagging under the weight of time and children's sticky fingers stretching skin down GRavity, missed opportunities, regrets; and focus, so much focusing, re-focusing, … Continue reading Lost in the Traffic


Imagine, if you would, a single speck floating in the deep darkness out there somewhere. I do this sometimes. I sit on my man-made, concrete balcony in West Palm Beach, Florida; I smoke a camel cigarette. Occasionally I look over at the man who lives across from me. His name is Samuel. Today he is … Continue reading Speck

The Speed of the World

Funny how these days, with the speed and density of information being the way it is, the ones who are consuming are often those that are consumed. And the creators, The free birds, The cancer-ridden, Pock-marked old guys, They’re the ones standing in empty fields, catching the wheat as it rambles off the cliff, burning … Continue reading The Speed of the World

The Spectrum of Happiness

“are you an unhappy person?” [it seems like old friendships pay off well, they always seem to be the ones to bring up the most deadly questions.] “well. I don’t know.” “you don’t know?” “Yeah. I don’t know. What does it mean to be unhappy?” “like to be in a constant state of discontent, to—“ … Continue reading The Spectrum of Happiness

The Golden Walls of Our Hearts

We write our stories on the walls of our hearts, and some part of us expects a golden room filled to — this line, it will not happen, what is gold will not stay, it melts, and we smear the oil across the walls, dark handprints arcing across our feelings. I don’t expect that you … Continue reading The Golden Walls of Our Hearts


Quiet, soft stardust Encompassed, floating within the mind. The brain is considered home Neurons are sparking electric children The skull is some kind of false barrier. What is there to hold that which is made of Infinite folds beginning and ending nowhere. Colored some ever transforming shade From the center of my forehead I pluck … Continue reading Reminder…

The Drip Of A Faucet

last drunken thoughts: buzzed thoughts, before the close of day. before the silence and slow breath catch him in their arms and squeeze him into submission under blankets and over pillow. he would wish for an american spirit but he doesn't smoke. knows the reciprocation of spring cleaning in december, that mindset, preemptive, careful, and … Continue reading The Drip Of A Faucet