“not being compelled to change someone,”

Q: If you could just start by describing yourself for me physically and emotionally.

A: Emotionally intense, for sure. I’m really sensitive, I’ve gotten a lot more grounded the last few years in that I can be affected by something and then find my center pretty quickly and not get too off course, which has been difficult in the past. Physically, really feminine I feel like I look really different in person than I do in photos or on film. I think a lot of how my physical body is perceived as energetic, I think there’s just a certain vibe that I put out that effects people more than anything else first-impression wise.

Q: What do you aspire to do as a member of humanity?

A: I really aspire to live a life really filled with love and acceptance, to kind of take a different path than the women before me in previous generations, to be confident enough to dream big and not settle so early in life.

Q: Do you think the women in previous generations before you have settled?

A: I think that they always had happy lives but that insecurity pushed them to make decisions really early on that later they weren’t completely happy with.

Q: What about memories. What’s your earliest memory?

A: I guess I was like one maybe two, quite young, I remember I wasn’t fully potty trained, and I remember being in the kitchen my mom was changing my diaper, or had just changed it, and she was singing this song to me which was my first and middle name. I just remember it being like, really happy, which is distinct because that relationship now is… really complicated, but it was in that time in your life before you have time to disappoint your parents and they just love you without any criticism.

Q: Why do you think that that is something that your mind has held onto.

A: I don’t know. The only thing I can think is really feeling that love and acceptance supported by my mom, which fettered out as I got older. I also remember my sister teaching me how to walk around the kitchen island, where the counter is in the center. I remember, because she’s eight years older than me, and I remember her having me hold on to the side of the counter and walk around in that way. Yes.

Q: What does love look like to you?

A: to me love looks like openness. Knowing than none of us are perfect, but not being compelled to change someone, just being open to who they are and trusting at a certain level that how they’re acting and what they’re doing is ultimately for their best, and just trusting in someone else’s path and choices and supporting them, unless it’s like a really toxic dangerous situation, really just trusting that they know what’s best for themselves.

Q: What about hate, what does hate look like?

A: Hate, I feel like hate is a really twisted form of insecurity, because to truly hate someone else, you have to hate yourself a good bit. I feel like any emotion that we feel toward other people is something that we’re feeling about ourselves, so it’s so hard to fully love someone if you don’t love yourself. I think that it’s hard to fully hate someone if there’s not a part of you that hates yourself. So I just think it’s abrasive and unyielding.

Q: If you could say one thing, anonymously, to a large group of people, what would you say?

A: I would say, “Have fun, keep your shit together, stay in touch with yourself, and be gentle with yourself.” It’s really easy to get into ‘should’s’ like you ‘should’ all over yourself and to avoid that at all cost and to come from a place with yourself in a way that you would a small child or your dog which is just this unconditional love, to bring that in reverse


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