“not being compelled to change someone,”

Q: If you could just start by describing yourself for me physically and emotionally. A: Emotionally intense, for sure. I'm really sensitive, I've gotten a lot more grounded the last few years in that I can be affected by something and then find my center pretty quickly and not get too off course, which has … Continue reading “not being compelled to change someone,”

Olive Green [thought cycle]

Olive Green, quiet cotton, pressed feet, written about who knows who. never that that is so close to me. and why, why that dreams are always "Come to me that which I do not want." Not nightmares, nightmares misunderstood as humans passed us; Olive Green, light through glass, unsure of deep set symbolism, sometimes the … Continue reading Olive Green [thought cycle]


What is so physically absent from me shows an invisible marvelous force inside my mind, a wind of deep soft purple echoing in my rib cage. Death, The door, The light, The crossing, The quiet puncture, The slow drip, Time's King, The silent reverberation, A cold hand, The shuddering exhalation, That which holds, as in … Continue reading Egg

“there are no boundaries”

Q: So, If you could start by describing yourself for me, physically and emotionally. A: Physically, tall, I'm like 5'10" and I have hips like my moms hips. Active I guess because I work out a lot. Pretty. Emotionally I guess sensitive but I try not to show it, so I guess more... I don't … Continue reading “there are no boundaries”