The Koi In the Moon

Two souls
Koi in a fishbowl
both certain and uncertain
the first breath in fresh,
glass-cupped water told them
that an eternal golden circle was
the answer to suffering;
the One saw the purity in the
Other’s brow and followed tail
The Other saw darkness in the
mind of the One and swam
behind him forever.

Of course superlatives are only that
when they cannot be broken.

fins and cheeks swayed in a balance
in a circle,
a clock,
or time altogether, working eastern;
replenishing endlessly in the confines
of clear glass
transluscent from the outside
reflective from the inside.

Koi begin small
as living things do.
these souls did
growing quietly.
soft ticks inthe clear, thin bones.
a silent stretch on the curve of the
until all too late
the realization struck
that the confines of
glass could no longer
remain suitable for
a swish of tail
or a flex of jaw tendon.

Shattered pieces of confinement
an inexcusable escape plan
no water to filter oxygen from
patience for what
only the sound of the wet slap
the scales unable to hold back unseen shards
something that crept into the gills
open mouthed last breaths
an expensive accident
dissipation of darkness
discoloration of purity
grey and liquid red
some washed by old water
release of tension.
iris fade to black.
long moment.

Two souls
cirlce one another
in the liquid confines of
the moon.
pulling, imbalanced,
in balance.


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