The Koi In the Moon

Two souls Koi in a fishbowl both certain and uncertain the first breath in fresh, glass-cupped water told them that an eternal golden circle was the answer to suffering; the One saw the purity in the Other's brow and followed tail endlessly. The Other saw darkness in the mind of the One and swam behind … Continue reading The Koi In the Moon

Letter From A Star

And I will keep for longer than your soul has patience for, for longer than what the body that you have now has said or determined as its limit. My essence has traveled, Will travel, Past what you consider your immediate space. I am a writer and you are the reader, in some respects; in … Continue reading Letter From A Star

Man Of Decisiveness

Used to be the boy who was searching, Searching for the folds inside my soul's fabric; letting myself crease or unwrinkle with steam pressure as it was found necessary. Now, I'm holding a quiet ball of anger close to my throat and feeling the bits of me chip out into quiet. surrounded by silence, He … Continue reading Man Of Decisiveness

Dream: Aged Honesty

In a dream of aged honesty he walked through quiet areas of old and dusty discovery. Her energy, the soft slightly tangy scent that had filled his mind so often, came and went as cliché as a breeze in meadow. The articles written of her in the newspaper of his personal universe scattered and brushed … Continue reading Dream: Aged Honesty

Tell me I’m not for you

Tell me I'm not for you, the fleeting ideas of what we have said, memories lacking ink, no verbatim, will fade as records in the sun, as will we with the thin hands of round marked faces, fade into creases within ourselves Swallowed into our own mouths with fiber dissolved in water and pills greater … Continue reading Tell me I’m not for you