Infinite Pieces of Your Soul

“I just want to find that… thing, y’know?”

“kid, you’re not going to ever find it.”

“what do you mean? Why do you always lack faith in me? Why is there this secret part of you that always wants to push my desires down my throat?”

“Because kid, you’re young. You’re filled with too many wants and desires.”

“I’m not filled—“

“Yes you are, you focus on the stars, you don’t focus on the earth.”

“So you’re telling me that because I do so much…”

“yes. That’s what fucks you.”

“Well we can’t all just eat, work, smoke, screw and sleep.”

“I don’t do just that, I talk to you too.”

“But it’s different now, Charlie, things in this space, this place… everything that’s required of young adults… it’s a lot of pressure to do it all, all of it, all at once. That’s why we’re all moving so fast, not just me.”

“But hardly anyone tends to treat you like an adult.”

“See, that’s the thing. There is also this infinite amount of outs that someone can take if they feel like responsibility is too hard. They can just find an easy job and work and work with little to no leadership and they can make it through life getting hammered on the weekends and being as momentarily happy as they can be.”

“and you don’t want that.”

“Of course not.”

“You want to do everything?”

“Everything I want to do.”

“Kid, you’ve lost it. You’re gonna kill yourself giving infinite pieces of your soul to other people.”

“Yes, yes I am.”


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