“I want to do this forever”

Q: If you could start by describing yourself for me, physically and emotionally. A: I am short, I’m like 5’5” I have dark hair and dark eyes and emotionally I like to think of myself as mature and stable. I think some people in my life would agree with that, I think some people would … Continue reading “I want to do this forever”

Differently and Better

I want the molecules of my body to fall apart. Slow disruption and destruction of self. Just like when you see large pieces of earth slide off of mountain sides from a distance, that's what I want of my body, to shed itself over and over into a pile of cubic pieces that make me: … Continue reading Differently and Better

Infinite Pieces of Your Soul

“I just want to find that… thing, y’know?” “kid, you’re not going to ever find it.” “what do you mean? Why do you always lack faith in me? Why is there this secret part of you that always wants to push my desires down my throat?” “Because kid, you’re young. You’re filled with too many … Continue reading Infinite Pieces of Your Soul

The Mindfully Quiet One

I'm just sitting here, working on being quiet of the mind, yes, "The mindfully quiet one" imagining my energy emitting from some pit just above my diaphragm. A small, white spark getting larger as I breathe, overcoming me, taking me in its bright cleanliness. Now watching it rocket into a pillar, far into the night … Continue reading The Mindfully Quiet One

“You are the best parts of yourself”

Q: So um… If I could have you start by describing yourself physically and emotionally. A: Ok. I have big brown eyes. I have a really small mouth. I’m really pale despite my heritage and ethnicity. I’m tall. I’m left handed. Emotionally, I’m a very apologetic person, very eccentric, very outgoing. I am also very … Continue reading “You are the best parts of yourself”

“dealing with things that impact the human experience”

Q: Can you start by describing yourself physically and emotionally? A: Physically... um... I'm a really tall like wide dude. I used to be a lot bigger, I used to weigh 325lbs. at the start of the year last year, recently I've thinned it down a bit, I'm down to 205, so I'm big but … Continue reading “dealing with things that impact the human experience”