Theory About Time (Revisited)

years ago I had a theory about time, that it was much like a standing glass of water, no ice, sitting on a quiet oak table ringed with the wear of the world, and for each human a seperate glass, a seperate table, unique in their own tear and make. The theory persisted that time … Continue reading Theory About Time (Revisited)


It's sad to me that objects that we are so willing to keep in our lives are seldom about the objects themselves at all. take for instance this pair of orange shoes high tops black stripes a white leather circle with a deep-set inlay of a black star something I proudly wore day in day … Continue reading Shoes

Let Us Become One

To the sweet girl who quietly maintains the chaos of my soul, to her candied lips of white chocolate cherry, the rum filling of her tongue, to the whipped cream softness of her navel and the down of her small arms, to her glittering soul, ethereal like a kite released to storm: tossing wildly and … Continue reading Let Us Become One

Jet Stream

Some planes get those contrails so high up. Don't quite know the science behind it, maybe it has something to do with rocketing gasses crystalizing in the airless atmosphere, maybe it's simpler than that, simple as molecules exploding to dust in the jetstream of their creator, lost in the epmtiness of the ozone. That theory … Continue reading Jet Stream