This is for you dear reader,
eating up every word with unbroken delight
This is for you social media clickers
and cliquers and “likers” alike;
This is for you sweet, spicy girls,
daring enough to show your bodies but too afraid to care too much
This is for you old men,
casting your line out into an endless and
limitless ocean that laps away at your existence,
This is for you lonely, solitary hipster boys,
you that
claim disdain for the universe and still cry at wet kittens;
This is for you fathers out there,
men that spend years slaving for the persistent existence of their children;
This is for you shattered souls,
and you balanced ones
that don’t belong where they breathe in space;
This is for those of you that think that “faggot” is just as bad as “cunt”
For you that have had to steel yourselves against either of those slings time and time again;
This is for you, dear sweet bird,
tweeting your way through
a life in the hot updrafts of the sky,
I know you hear this song;
This is for you thirteen-year-olds chugging slushies at the mall,
for the hundreds of popped kernels, roasted butter and jew fros;
This is for you lipstick lesbians and you lip gloss teeny boppers;
This is for you anxiety-based twenty-somethings
and you fear-based thirty somethings;
This is for you unpaid actors,
you who bare your soul daily and are truly seen by nobody;
This is for you creatures based from the depths of nowhere,
reaching out to the edges of the universe for what should be inside;
This is for you:

What has been scattered,
though broken and empty in its state of being,
is meant to be collected.
Like the center star in the sheath of Orion,
from a distance it is soft and glowing,
radiating energy,
but the closer you get the more you see,
it’s all only bits of hydrogen;
the only thing to do,
is breathe it in.


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