A Stroke of Thought: Defining

We’re always looking to define ourselves,
looking for that moment in which
someone will look up shining and say,
you are that which you say you are.”

the issue that poses from here is that it
creates a false sense of progression;
it plants the idea that
the definition of self is what must come first
and that
the realization of others,
having little to no consequence
in all strict weight and meaning,
is what should spring from that definition.

It would also be fallacious to believe
that we must become that which others define us as,
(and of course,
I mean fallacious in the light of false or incorrect,
but also as in the sub-meaning of a phallice,
something as derived from the word fellatio.)

Because what we are defined as,
outside of ourselves,
is colored by the events of others’ lives
and rarely has any relevance to the world
in which we find ourselves truly surviving.


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