This is for you dear reader, eating up every word with unbroken delight This is for you social media clickers and cliquers and "likers" alike; This is for you sweet, spicy girls, daring enough to show your bodies but too afraid to care too much This is for you old men, casting your line out … Continue reading Acknowledging

Seeking the Morning Dew

Feeling the purity of life today how lovely and innocent it all is when flitting birds and butterflies are aflight in the dewy down of the soul Smelling the sweetness of baking vanilla, feeling the arousal of every afternoon sun, hearing the crunch of the days passed, how they burble like a river falling through … Continue reading Seeking the Morning Dew

These Universes

There are infinite universes here, kempt in the shadows between the pads of my fingers, they swim in currents of tarragon fields chopped down by tilling machines set free from the earth and pushed to flowing, they are kept clean from impurities by the quiet breath of time and the liquid soap bubbles of the … Continue reading These Universes

A Stroke of Thought: Defining

We're always looking to define ourselves, looking for that moment in which someone will look up shining and say, "yes, you are that which you say you are." the issue that poses from here is that it creates a false sense of progression; it plants the idea that the definition of self is what must … Continue reading A Stroke of Thought: Defining

Broken Bits of An Evening Trashed

Stuck in the dull afterlife of a ballpoint pen can't stand to roll on by while these fools live their lives flies crying out to creators of shit or mothers stuck on the cigarettes dogs running rampant through night streets and I'm a part of them a part of their breath emaciated they sniff for … Continue reading Broken Bits of An Evening Trashed

Hourglass and Sand

I'm tryin not to I swear that I'm really trying not to I'm tryin' not to write about you, but hot damn it's difficult when you do these simple human things that you do, your satisfaction in sneezing for one, plain amuses me to no end, and yes, to answer your blatant question, your nose … Continue reading Hourglass and Sand