Pescalus: God Turned Peasant

“do you know any of them.”
“fuckin’ twinkly lights?”
“yeah, it’s getting to be summer, know any?”
“yeah, I know Pescalus.”
“the God turned peasant man?”
“Never heard of him.”
“figures, all you fuckin kids only care about the big ones.”
“tell me about him?”

He shifts in his seat, pulls out an old drawing of a handsome man with deep curling hair, a soft almost-smile catches the right corner where his lips meet,
he is power: sweet and crashing.

“he was the god of riptides.”
“I’m not kidding around here. They used to be so afraid of him, he was a legend in Greece, he would steal children if they went out to sea too far; they feared him.”
“he sounds like a jerk.”
“it was his job, he did it well.”
“alright, so what happened to him?”
“well they invented boats, stopped swimming out so far without being more buoyant.”
“And Pescalus?”
“He went back out, way deep out, left for a bit, he tried every now and then but it wasn’t much use.”
“Didn’t Poseidon help him?”
“Poseidon’s a selfish prick, he doesn’t give a shit!”
“So what happened?”
“eventually he joined the men and women in Greece, deteriorated into nothing.”
“that’s a sad story.”
“Bit more common than you think.”


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