Traveler [Politically Correct]

Is it only the traveler that sees?
only the man [or woman] who wanders between worlds that notices the pattern:
that the eight kinds of human are all drawn together?
That we must stick up for one another in groups, gather in flocks, and this is reiterated through space, across plains, around the globe in every structure of humanity.

But is it only the traveler that notices these?
He [or she] is the one to transverse the space between colonies,
He [or she] is the one to break patterns, and there are less of him [or her] to go around.

The traveler, though often stoic and tentatively alone, seeks something rooted deeper than companionship,
like oil, this aspiration lies deep within the ground and cannot be found on any topographical map
it is low and dark
where the clay is hard and yet still somehow wet.


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