Taking It Back

A Thank You Ride in the car as 4:00 a.m. rolls by, feel the thoughts said and unsaid flood back from the fog of distilled grape, understand that the world has been a cold dead place only in perspective, drink in the rehydration of a real conversation and appreciate the rarity of two souls converging … Continue reading Taking It Back


It doesn't get any easier, the time that ticks away from the line drawn by your last breath, it doesn't strictly define a difference between now and then, the lint in your pocket will keep on sticking to the inside of each piece of gum, and you'll chew your pants every time you pop it, … Continue reading Easier

3 Part Dreaming

Woke up sweating from sleep, hot as hell in the room, peeled my face off the pillow and sat up, heard the old man inside of me, crochety old cuss, mumbling something about antacids and aftershaves, he usually sleeps soundly but sometimes he mumbles about old wars and politics. Heard the dad inside of me … Continue reading 3 Part Dreaming

Traveler [Politically Correct]

Is it only the traveler that sees? only the man [or woman] who wanders between worlds that notices the pattern: that the eight kinds of human are all drawn together? That we must stick up for one another in groups, gather in flocks, and this is reiterated through space, across plains, around the globe in … Continue reading Traveler [Politically Correct]

Reiteration Of Dreams

I've taken heed, I know the precautions, I don't eat cheese before bed, I don't tend to eat anything before I sleep, actually, eating is not a hobby these days, it's a survival tactic. The simple point being: I brush teeth, insert a plastic mouth guard, let the head fall to the pillow, and that's … Continue reading Reiteration Of Dreams