Why Would I Waste My Time?

Here we are, here it is, to begin here at the foot of the pathway
It all started with A Kind of Happiness, and “what is it now what is it now?”
constantly trying to bring in something new to the world,

[“New” in the idea that although it is completely unoriginal, maybe it has never been worded quite like this, and maybe this wording will stick to the inside of your skull, or plant itself as a seed that clutches fast, and it will be the one thing that actually means something, or maybe it won’t]

I’m not going to pretend to understand how you digest these things,
These amalgam of words that I spit out into the universe,
maybe they mean nothing to you,
maybe they mean everything.
I’m sure that if you’ve been attentive to the ark then it’s most likely somewhere between superlatives,
that you have found a form of solace in between our sharing energies,
a possible likeness between me and You.

The issue is, I know the secrets, if you find them interesting, I won’t tell you about them, their depths, their specificities;
And if you find disinterest in them, I don’t care.
It’s not personal, it’s a defense mechanism

Because why would I waste my time with someone who doesn’t give a shit about it?


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