I’m searching
I’m digging down deep inside myself
to find the affirmation to the
disputable opinion you gave.

Interesting, you said interesting.
I looked it up:
Interesting: adj.
“holding or catching the attention”
I guess I can see where you’d get that.

But here’s the thing,
I don’t think that necessary things are always interesting;
and most of what I do isn’t a choice
it’s a solution,
the hobbies that I have are medications
they fix things,
put all things back to where they’re supposed to be,
I have to be a part of something with an answer,
because so much of my life has no concrete answers
it’s all liquidity
and it falls through my hands when I need it,
It melts away or evaporates and leaves its residue on the ceiling.

Maybe you’re right though,
maybe I can be… interesting.

I just need time to fish it out of myself.


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