What's strange is how you can find any person beautiful the longer you look at them, they don't even have to be in the room but if you've spent that time if your eyes have met their eyes for patterns of seconds then you can see their beauty, that God-given spark inside, something aflame that … Continue reading Beautiful

The Soul Ethereal

The soul is a bit ethereal, a dirigible rather than a submersible; nothing too fancy, nope no cogs or springs, nothing to wind up, nothing to crank, nothing to spark or light, it's all one woven part of the whole, like a thin and yet still durable canvas. It is locked away inside the body, … Continue reading The Soul Ethereal

Why Would I Waste My Time?

Here we are, here it is, to begin here at the foot of the pathway It all started with A Kind of Happiness, and "what is it now what is it now?" constantly trying to bring in something new to the world, ["New" in the idea that although it is completely unoriginal, maybe it has … Continue reading Why Would I Waste My Time?


I'm searching I'm digging down deep inside myself to find the affirmation to the disputable opinion you gave. Interesting, you said interesting. I looked it up: Interesting: adj. "holding or catching the attention" I guess I can see where you'd get that. But here's the thing, I don't think that necessary things are always interesting; … Continue reading “Interesting”

Not Participating

I am aware that I use my thoughts as an excuse, I realize, you've said it and I realize, you didn't HAVE to say it, I realize that I use thinking as an excuse to not participate in life. I used it as an excuse to participate less with so many people because somewhere along … Continue reading Not Participating

I Am A Cabernet Sauvignon

I'm just sitting here, letting the wine flow through my brain like a bubbling river of songs that's mapped out by an old and seasoned cartographer; one that cares enough about detail to know that I am not Merlot. I am a Cabernet Sauvignon, soft and tender, ending with a note of chocolate or of … Continue reading I Am A Cabernet Sauvignon