Your Prayer

dreams weaving in and out in and out
quiet rain storm for an artificial ladder to sleep
and the tossing and the turning the tossing and the turning

this one girl she tells me, see she’s a wise one
she tells me that the logic of the human body
as everyone should know
is the spine is the center of it all
it’s not just her, neither
it’s lots of people, they all think so too
and in that spine in that spine is your wish
is your desires the dreams you have
it’s your nerve center
but it also houses your prayers
and that warm feeling you feel on your back
that’s your prayer rising to the surface of your spine
swimming in the space between the muscles and the skin

and it can get scooped up there
rubbed away whisked off to a new place
or caught on some wall you lean against day dreaming

so this girl she told me don’t spend your time with daydreams
don’t sit around on your butt no do something
work get to work go to work and do something
let your prayer mean something
or else it is no better than discarded gum

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