Waiting For The Numb

Quick nimble morning
quiet and balanced
just a boy and three dogs
just a boy and three dogs and a cat
and the twanging of a collar on a metal dish
the true sound of a well deserved
and easily finished meal

decent hours of rest
and a cork popped out of bed is a simple feat
even before the chiming the clamour
that which typically wakes
he wakes before
only moments in time to save the ears
yes yes

and now the cat seems to sigh
pressing a cheek onto the counter top
charlie chaplin mustache gone to
parts of an animal where it should never be
finished the cleaning it chances to
silently stalk some imaginary prey away

and and and the pills are taken
three down the throat
cold waterfall ride to the stomach
burned in acid
dispersed to the body the brain
and now quiet
all is quiet and waiting for the numb


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