Your Prayer

dreams weaving in and out in and out quiet rain storm for an artificial ladder to sleep and the tossing and the turning the tossing and the turning this one girl she tells me, see she's a wise one she tells me that the logic of the human body as everyone should know is the … Continue reading Your Prayer


These Last Seven Minutes

Quiet soft down faux down pressing the head into the pillow enveloped in a cocoon of sleep soon to be that is soon to become sleep he became that and does so on a daily or a nightly rather but for now these last seven minutes he loves the push and pull down of down … Continue reading These Last Seven Minutes


Speed forward stepping stepping world rushing churning beneath the feet the soles the soul heels aching but don't stop it's worth it it's worth every second it's worth the gold the goal the gaol why do the british spell it that way one flick of the hand and it's all wrong turning churning aspiring artists … Continue reading Retraction