There are happenstances in this world that cannot be undone
the un-toasting of a slice of buttered bread
the un-knowing of the disclosure of a lie

To fight those things would be to give in to un-knowing
and with that
Stupidity would begin to encompass the brain
Her with her kind words of ease and comfort
the subtle whisper of inevitable failure and contempt

even Her name which as millennials we pass so eagerly around
taking no heed to the stinger
the poison of the piercing that is left behind
the invisible boil welling up on the surface of the subconscious
something that gives Her a home
and we begin to wonder “am I really”
the uselessness sets in and the most dangerous
moment passes when we really believe that we must sit and
await for our goal to fall into our lap
because we simply do not know.

It is far far better to see the truth for what it is
than to see nothing at all.


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