The History of Love

I'm looking for you you're lost i'm searching and searching trying to find a lingering bit of your scent in the feathers in the brown down of my pillow where your spine rests from time to ticking time you're there and I miss you fiercely and for heavy hours of the night It's funny [he … Continue reading The History of Love


There are happenstances in this world that cannot be undone the un-toasting of a slice of buttered bread the un-knowing of the disclosure of a lie To fight those things would be to give in to un-knowing and with that Stupidity would begin to encompass the brain Her with her kind words of ease and … Continue reading Stupidity

Shirt Scents

Something sweet like freshly mown grass but more rusty like a favorite teapot then pinpricks of warm spices cinnamon nutmeg and the classics of course the pinch of pepper the memory of salt also the lingering scent of incense all of it an amalgamation pressed into my mind from the scent in my shirt stretched … Continue reading Shirt Scents