Sour Mash Sincerity

each of your soft subtle curving lips
cures one kind of indecision
or another and it’s beginning to get to me.
I have started to feel like a man able to make
choices that are capable of
moving things that aught not to be moved,
things that are heavier than the both of us together,
an amalgamation of souls and bodies,
refreshed in the truth of each of your freckles.

I don’t quite know where is it that you began
to fit into the formula but as soon as I know
I would very much like to tell you,
you have begun to hold this coveted place in my heart,
coveted by myself alone, it’s a place I cannot reach, myself,
and you have disarmed me readily enough that
the whole hole has bloomed it’s dusty bloom,
A place that is usually reserved solely for the most elevated of guests.

My sincerity beckons some kind of
furtive glance toward the future of my love
and possibly physical ecstasy.

you are ample enough to fulfill my insecurities
for long, playful periods of time,
I can tell from your simple spontaneous attitude,
your soft complexion.

All I need are those two honest eyes,
open to mine,
for as long as I can possibly have
the honor of having them.


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