there is this girl for some reason I seem to see her all over the place hair a sweeping dark brown voice sweet and scratched a whisper echoing through an old record player she often sits poised open honest in a chair intent upon her task and at the same time her brown eyes flash … Continue reading Wha-ha-hat

Whispers Caught in Down

Flitting beats echo through the worn cloth of the bed spread, reverberating through steel springs, cheap foam, thin polyester, creating a rhythm of the tale of a boy, blinking his way into a legitimate longing for sweet honest eyes and well-shaped teeth: The story brings itself to light in the medium of words spoken softly … Continue reading Whispers Caught in Down

Sour Mash Sincerity

each of your soft subtle curving lips cures one kind of indecision or another and it’s beginning to get to me. I have started to feel like a man able to make choices that are capable of moving things that aught not to be moved, things that are heavier than the both of us together, … Continue reading Sour Mash Sincerity


The smoke of so many cigarettes wafts through the brain, each of them puffed furiously within and without the lungs. Collectively representing the twenty-something's angst, unified frustration, addiction to the white pillar buzz that comes from the top of the head, as if each of them were slowly becoming their own cravings. Once the body … Continue reading Apt.