After Sheep

There is quiet in the brown comforter, peace tonight. The coffee pot is showing it’s blue light pride in the chalk board black of the room. Little fan on the desk, hasn’t been turned off since I got here. That was eight weeks ago. International students sitting on cold concrete, smoking their nights away, the … Continue reading After Sheep

The Epitome of Man

I lie awake, nights spent with one arm pressed beneath my body, the other resting atop my chest like some fine, living sculpture: The Epitome of Man They would call it that, they may be bold enough to call it art. The problem is that just the sight doesn’t do justice to the tedium, and … Continue reading The Epitome of Man


When the drums come for me, and the streaking chimes smear the sky, I will stand silent. When the earth is seen curving in a long horizon across the soft, sweepig distance of its own existence, I will stand silent. The strings that are self-refferential, reverberating through sand dunes dusted in soft moonlight, carry the … Continue reading Ooze


Peacock hair perfectly awry, the cloud puff pillow groans and shifts as I pull away. For the evening, we loved tenderly, in a visceral, passionate manner. She sings to me in the language of all languages, thought. Rolling from the dented mattress, I hear him give groan; he is the support of my restless nights … Continue reading Morning