Midnight Walk

Laughter brought to tears somehow crunching beneath the padded tread of each foot; bark, bark quietly. The vignettes past are soft and fresh like the wet of a new kiss on lips parched of love. Red benches holding the future in their sagging curves; each uneasy arm and comfortable pierced belly button barely visible in … Continue reading Midnight Walk


Girl, The drumming surrounding you beats endlessly against my brain. Unnoticed, I sit a far way off, taking in the palpable air of serenity, that which you exude so softly. The guitars still strum their metal twangs behind, in front, beside me; intilling a sense of purpose, power, something significant and untouchable just like you. … Continue reading Girl

This is not for you.

This is not for you. The image of the water running down my hair, Feeling the heat transfer like the Electricity of touch. Something that we never care of. This is not for you. Me pressing my face so hard that the Skin between fingers and jawline begins Aching. Wishing that it would all peel … Continue reading This is not for you.


"All things in mediation" we carve restlessly in our day-to-day the last concrete pillars of the past trend setters toga wearers they, bracing their minds between a round of olive branch we, bracing our thoughts between their dusty rotted words and yet heeding not. it is a common trope that we see and understand in … Continue reading Mediate