Southern Idaho Nomads

The nomads that wander their peaceful way through the plains of Southern Idaho are of a very specific breed.
Their flavor is black coffee, the dry air that has taken refuge inside their lungs bringing with it the animosity of even a single drop of cream or crystal of sugar.
Their scarves lie in a loose noose around their neck. In their ideal use, they protect the user from the sweeping winds of the desert plain; as a secondary trait, they keep the nasal passages free of small nomads that are known to cause real trouble if inhaled.
The general nomadic color is a muddy khaki, the kind that bleaches quickly in sunlight and bleeds through sweat’s incessant release of salt from the body.

However, despite the rugged appearance of each Southern Idaho nomad, the facade fades quickly when the smartphones and laptops come out of a backpack that one would easily expect to be containing a tightly folded knapsack, a one man tent or even a brown canvas tarp and water purifier.


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