Inner Maze

Like clockwork, human beings click into the fate of fashion,
Succumbing to social anxieties,
Submitting themselves to the knife and the needle;
The end goal being that they need to be polished and spit-shined
Versions of the mazes that they are.

It is true that without they may appear to be stretched thin,
or that they may have a fuller pair of lips,
or even a new nose to compliment their face,

However, within themselves, they possess the same maze that they possessed before.
complicated, this human maze,
It is essentially:
a three dimensional,
translucent maze that is in and around the heart of every human.
It ticks and flicks the small metal bead
around inside itself at a constant rate,
Hoping that something will shock it and make it align just right so that everything will fall into place,
but the moment that it does, the whole system resets and the maze starts right back over in its randomized ticking pattern.

This is the base truth of human beings,
these mazes are perfectly individual
and cannot be altered in any way shape or form,
They build a foundation for us to live and dream and drive our aspirations on,
but we pay the ticking no heed.


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