Over Complicating

I want to be a matryoshka doll, Split evenly across the equator, Torn open to reveal Layer upon layer of hand painted interest. You want me to be a Rubik's cube; All things visible always, But not so clearly seen. The truth is, I want to be the matryoshka doll because it is honest. It … Continue reading Over Complicating

Man Of Stone

Man of stone along the slope, do you not fear that which curls from the base of your bare feet? Uplifted by giants you see that which is not seen by the sky gazing eye of man. Away, away the snaking light of the world, spreading its soft burn with it; you, you stand firm … Continue reading Man Of Stone

White Lines

Dotted lines tick beneath me, I'm breaking in a pillow, Toto fading through the silent Transitions in my earbuds, watching the light fade from the half of the planet that I've come to know. Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Through each downy crease In my cotton pillowcase. Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, A pathway leading farther From … Continue reading White Lines

Forward Tread

Pack up and go. The world is your oyster. every footprint in the earth generates an impermanent impression Of who each of us is as we walk on and walk away. Ideas and people and discarded cigarette ends linger inside the tread, “Stay a while with me,” she says. Sometimes we cling so tightly to … Continue reading Forward Tread


Upon the news received that glasses are necessary, one immediately becomes acutely aware of every other person with prescription glasses. As if the mind associates with this new found necessity, A kind of need to connect with every other person that also shares this common thing that is brand new to you. This is why … Continue reading Attention


Cold feet are only metaphorically repugnant, When the lace white dress sidesteps a golden band topped with a well cut diamond, only one person is happy. However, on a far more literal level, Cold feet are an unbelievably useful tool for regulating temperature under the covers. The tight seal around the neck provides little to … Continue reading Preference

Arthur, Friedrich, Sigmund: The Band

Arthur writes song after song, each written in vain explaining that the body is only a figment, Man: A manifestation of the mind to explain through cones The truth: that beings are composed of pure will. Sitting in solitary, mind slowly losing mass, gaining surface area, Friedrich realizes that he has lost all that he … Continue reading Arthur, Friedrich, Sigmund: The Band

To Be Human.

Verily, we disintegrate into the dust Three billion decaying declarations, What it means to be human. Subconsciously, we exceed past the dreams An exponential crisis rising toward graphical stepladders, What it means to be human. Willingly, we alienate ourselves from one another, Per capita causes causing schisms in the soul, What it means to be … Continue reading To Be Human.