Bits and Pieces

It’s the bits and the pieces that are lingering…

It’s the soft, subtle curve of your upper lip;
How it maintains a balance between relaxation
And being merely taut with frustration.

It’s the microscopic way that your tongue just barely
Doesn’t get out of the way fast enough for most of your words.

It’s your brilliant white teeth;
How they accent the shadows inside your mouth
And any joyful creases surrounding.

It’s the slight level area on the tip of your nose;
The part that fits perfectly right beside my nose
In the car crash daydream where we kissed.

It’s the soft curve of your calf muscle,
An area that I have always thought to be quite
Telling of a girl’s intentions.

It’s not the moment that our arms touched,
But rather the instant before that,
When the static energy crumbled and transferred
Through neuron pathways into an emotion.

The beautiful part is that in that moment
I was an astronaut
And you were a deep sea diver.
The both of us were equal parts
Submerged and fascinated in our medium.
And the starfish and the stars moved at the same speed
As I caught them reflecting in the pools of your eyes.

I have to say,
It was quite the first impression.


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