As If From A Great Distance

Spiraling, words do not always allow for the most effective form of communication And when the tension can be spread out on the floor like old worn sheets But instead lies bunched up and shoved in a corner of the sofa, There is little to say. Neither of them looks at it, However, they are … Continue reading As If From A Great Distance

Allay: A Broken Relationship

I am not the kind of guy who will stay up at night obsessing over the complexities of a relationship. I am not the kind of guy who will lay in bed for many long and sleepless hours determining the subtle undertone and subtext behind each word used in shared conversation. I am not the … Continue reading Allay: A Broken Relationship

In-App Dating

The cavemen of ancient Mesopotamia were slow to learn that sparking a flame took several hundred strikes of flint to steel in order to create a spark warm enough to catch aflame. Nowadays, we expect one single rightward swipe of the finger to be the strike that sets our entire love life ablaze. The truth … Continue reading In-App Dating

Getting to Know Your Crazy Cat Lady

Throughout time, as the history of the universe has slowly unfurled itself from a ball of red string into a marbled mess of time and space, A certain type of human has emerged from the woodwork: The Crazy Cat Lady. Since this archetype of individual is a brand new phenomenon, just recently coming to small … Continue reading Getting to Know Your Crazy Cat Lady

Ripping Out An Eyeball

you know when you just imagine ripping someones eyeballs out of their face and then just popping them between your fingers? Well, it’s really not that satisfactory. in fact, it’s more of a mess than it is a release of energy; every time, I end up having to wipe the residue of what once was … Continue reading Ripping Out An Eyeball