A Vow

A vow
A solemn promise, pledge or personal commitment.
A vow to be someone who others could live vicariously through.
To create– to enliven — to be that which does not sit quietly by,
Anachronistic as the old cactus in my window:
Forgotten by sunlight and void of hydrating attention it rotted away.

These plans that were once fresh and innocent,
Refreshing as aloe to burned skin they were,
Now sit crumpled in a corner;
Three-time, light weight champions
Awaiting the details from the county coroner.

This life that was to be,
Become dry
The plan that once was set
Gone awry

A vow
Bow, bend your knees to the weight of a tuitional bill
Footed toward confident tap shoes and beat them down
Until they are blue and gold.
Blue for the bruises.
Gold for the sequins that cover them.

A vow
To reach the stars without jetpacks or suits.
But you get codified and categorized and learn to regard
YOURSELF in the light of what you do or don’t do,
And regard others only when they prompt you to.

A vow
Listening isn’t just an action, it’s a skill set
And it’s mad crazy to be anything less than someone who can
PRETEND to learn the same thing eight days a week.

See, listening’s not just a tool,
It’s the whole set,
And I bet that the world would have a lot less you in it
If you could stand the true truth that
“You” is not who we should be waiting for greatness for.


One thought on “A Vow”

  1. Reaching for the stars if a lofty goal but you take what you can reach, grab what you can grasp and nourish yourself in the knowledge that abounds you. They are all tools to be used at the appropriate time. Never stop reaching and never stop collecting the gems that fill your coffer. All experience is never wasted once you have it. EVERYTHING you touch is part of who you are and waiting for an opportunity to be brushed into the canvas that has been laid out for your life. There is a plan and a purpose on the other side of the tapestry.

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