Showing a heartfelt or powerful intensity,
The only true determiner of a reciprocation in propensity,

He kissed her with a fierce and fiery passion,
Some things are better off described with violent adjectives of action.
Far better to say that in this case it’s not about the couple at all,
For the movement of his face to hers is what the audience craves,
The creation of a visceral ticking fierce second of love and spontaneity
captured in the pit of your stomach is enough.
Enough to say that he is a tiger mid-pounce,
fierce – his actions as the stars watch from the firmament.
Enough to say that she is a regal swan,
Beautiful and marble,
Fierce – her demeanor as she believes him quite admirable.

powerful and destructive in extent or intensity
The ferocious air does its best to tear away at each lung,
the cage of ribs surrounding the beast that breathes life,
upon exhale, a raging fierce warmth spreads across the tongue,
that destroys all thought of stress, all terror of strife.

To say that I am ferocious is the understatement,
I breathe with an intensity that sets fire to oxygen.
My body is the weapon, and the war to be fought is somewhere
in between creation and laziness;
to fight is to refuse to simply be,
to move with the reckless abandon of a quiet bird with soft down
understanding the physics of flight for the first time.

I will reach higher, jump farther, perform better than me; for me.
I will do so with the serenity of string and the innocence of fresh blueberries;
I will do so with the creativity of a trapeze swing and the originality of a shining quarter;
I will do so with me and I will do so with you.


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