Day 6: Hero

It’s the quiet nights that linger there,
Betwixt the stirring of coffee alone,
And the smile that proceeded each bite and
Gentle crunch of your twist ice cream cone.

Flurried moments flicker through my thoughts
just as your full plump lips upon my neck,
though looking back, for nearly three years
I’d say it’s been a bit more than a trek.

Friends and friends and friends throughout
I swore up and down, but your bunny teeth
delightfully deceiving drew me near to
a future that your hazel eyes hid beneath.

It’s the quiet nights that linger there,
the short term attention span of the world
you said that things don’t last forever
I said, ‘I know, it’s ok’ but I wished they would.

Silence enveloping, we gazed at the night sky
Champion observers of a past that was happening in
The now; to us, the world had it’s own unique spotted
diamond view, a place, we knew, held fast within

When the dreaded month of seven rolled round,
gear of old iron ore, her smithing fierce eyes
took the best and worst of days, rolled them into
dough and always baked a unique surprise.

It’s the quiet nights that linger there,
Her hair sometimes worn so uptight, her mask
a brand new mess of makeup, unrecognized; but
brought to true beauty’s light a cleaning task.

Dance and dance and dance you beautiful woman
Your soul does so express the emotion set
by your feet you do fill the space with such a movement,
an aura, a feeling; the audience has no choice, to let.

You and I have had our time,
a clock however brief
yet clocks within the heart still chime,
Especially those that tick of chief

So dearest darling know I see you,
your hazel eyes and darling feet
I pray that one day I will kiss you
May my lips taste yours so sweet.

It’s the quiet nights that linger there,
Autumn leaves frozen on a winter tree,
and may the warmth flow through the night air,
to remind you of those years three.


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